Sustainable Products to be Showcased at this year’s Construct Canada in Toronto

It’s time again for the annual Construct Canada show in Toronto, Ontario. Visitors are able to see, touch and experience new sustainable technologies and products throughout the three day show. Plasti-Fab will be showcasing just a few of their many products this year that help with not just energy efficiency, but sustainable living and construction.

What is Construct Canada? The Buildings Show is the leader in sourcing, networking and education in Canada for the design, architecture, construction and real estate communities, creating the largest exposition for the entire industry.

More than 30,500 trade professionals attend the Show annually to discover new innovations across the building industry and source the latest materials, products, tools and technologies from more than 1,600 Canadian, US and international exhibits. Through the Show’s comprehensive seminar program, attendees can choose from 350+ seminars, keynotes, summits and roundtables led by a roster of 500+ industry experts.

Don’t miss a minute of the show and be sure to visit Plasti-Fab in booth #1026 to check out some of the showcased product lines below:

The Advantage ICF System®
Insulating Concrete Forming System for Above and Below grade applications. The Advantage ICF System is a patented insulating concrete forming system consisting of two layers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation connected with a web molded into the EPS insulation.

EnerGreen® Insulation
EnerGreen® insulation Board is a moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with a thin film laminated to the top and bottom surfaces. Features/Benefits: • Durable product less susceptible to handling damage • Easy to cut and install • Meets CAN-ULC S701, Types I, 2, and 3 • Meets International Residential Code requirements • For Retrofit and New Construction Continuous Insulation for: • Concrete Slab • Radiant Floor Heating Systems • Interior or Exterior Foundation Wall • Cathedral Ceilings & Roofs

EnerSpan® Insulation
EnerSpan® insulation is a rigid, closed cell, silver-gray insulation that meets or exceeds requirements for expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation manufactured to CAN/ULC-S701, Standard for Thermal Insulation, Polystyrene, Boards and Pipe Covering. EnerSpan insulation is manufactured using Neopor® F5300 GPS Plus, a graphite-enhanced expandable polystyrene (GPS) raw material provided by BASF. The graphite within the silver-gray cellular structure of EnerSpan insulation reduces radiation heat transfer and results in an enhanced thermal resistance compared to standard white EPS insulation manufactured to CAN/ULC-S701. EnerSpan Insulation applications: • Continuous exterior insulating sheathing • Interior or exterior foundation Insulation • Above or below concrete slab insulation Benefits: • R4.7/in. • No Thermal Drift • 100% R-value Warranty • Easy to cut, saw or score 2×8 ft, 4×8 ft 2 ft high bundles Plus special order sizes Thickness to meet job

GeoSpan® Compressible Fill
GeoSpan compressible fill material is an expanded polystyrene product designed to act as a compressible medium between swelling soils and structural elements. Where long-term soil movement can be predicted, GeoSpan compressible fill material can be designed to reduce the forces that would be induced on structures by soil movement, thus reducing the likelihood of damage to the structure above.

Radon Guard™ Insulation
Radon Guard™ insulation is a patent-pending sub-slab depressurization panel. Radon Guard allows for soil gas removal, insulates the concrete slab and provides a capillary break between the ground and the air barrier system.

Don’t forget to stop in and see us! BOOTH #1026 – See you there!


Radon Guard™ Insulation – The Key Component in a Radon Gas Mitigation System

November is Radon Awareness month in Canada.  Radon is one of the most significant environmental health risks today, responsible for an estimated 3,200 deaths every year in Canada. Recent estimates published by the Radiation Protection Bureau of Health Canada show that 16% of lung cancer deaths are attributable to indoor radon exposure. The use of Radon Guard™ Insulation in a Radon mitigation system is one step towards a healthier home.

Learn more about how to keep your home safe from Radon gas using Plasti-Fab’s Radon Guard™ Insulation.

Surprising Environmental Benefits of Plastics

As a manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (a form of foam plastic) we are always interested in the news surrounding sustainability of our products and the associated industry news. Recently, a new video released from Plastics Make it Possible® talks to everyday consumers about some of the surprising environmental benefits of plastics. Please take a moment to watch spokesperson Albert Lawrence as he takes to the streets of Los Angeles to ask people about the environmental impacts of various materials, food waste, recycling and more.

For more about How Everyday Plastics Reduce Our Environmental Footprint visit the Plastics Make it Possible web site:

And for more on PFB Sustainability and the environmental impact of our operations, visit

Defining Sustainability in your Brand

With the surge of the importance of sustainability not just in our products, but also in the way we produce those products, it is easy for companies to claim sustainability. Certain products are easily identified as sustainable (think electric cars and stainless steel water bottles). However, our culture has increased the accountability of companies claiming to be sustainable, especially when you create a product that might not be immediately associated with a green, clean sustainable future. (Let’s face it, we all can’t make clothing from a straw bale, or shoes from old tires) But as a society, we want proof.

It’s no longer just about the products you make, or the way in which you make them. Now, sustainability is about who are as an organization and the belief and support system that illustrates to everyone you live and breathe sustainability as a culture. At PFB, our bottom line is underscored with the belief that we make sustainable products in the most sustainable way possible, by people who believe in making the most sustainable difference. Now we can easily sit behind a desk and write all sorts of press about our sustainability, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak. This is where the Global Reporting Initiative comes in to play. Every year we supply this organization with our sustainability numbers in our operations, and publicly post them to our website for all to see. Now you have a baseline to build from. Once you have the foundation of sustainability in your products and practices, turn your attention to people.

Who represents your brand? Your people do. So if you want sustainability associated with the definition of who you are as an organization, you start with the people. You may be surprised at the ideas percolating within your organization for ways to turn even the smallest every day activity into a sustainable action. Not only will you empower your employees to take initiatives and make a difference, but you create sustainability ambassadors, the same people who represent your brand, are an extension of your sustainability practices. When everyone is working towards a goal for change, when you have buy-in and support from those on the ground floor all the way to the top, it creates the culture of your brand. You now have living breathing messaging that your brand values the future and how your company impacts it.

A few years ago, PFB featured a sustainability initiative contest among all of its North American locations, imploring its people to think outside the box, and generate sustainability ideas that could be implemented within the organization. It was a hit. The participation was like no other contest before it. Why? Because the concept touched every single person regardless of whether they worked on the manufacturing floor or sales, human resources, and more. Sustainability touches every single one of us. When a corporation understands and listens to the ideas of all involved in the process, it broadens the scope of possibilities for change and enhances the belief in the brand.

People want to make a difference, and by implementing sustainability initiatives within your organization it helps show them they make an impact. I encourage you, no I CHALLENGE you to try it. Call out to the people who make your brand what it is. You will be surprised how innovative and creative your organization can be when you put your faith in the people who don’t just make your products, but make your brand, and therefore make a difference.

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Sustainability, It’s not as spooky as it seems…

Sometimes the word Sustainability brings about visions of mass recycling centers, large under-takings, added time to your daily routine, and more. While many of us desire to live a greener lifestyle, preserve the planet, and add to a general sense of sustainable life, it can seem daunting at times.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Think of sustainability less as an immediate overhaul, and more as a process. Anyone from a large corporation to a college student in their dorm room can practice sustainability in small steps. It’s through all the small steps that the impact begins. When you make changes in the smallest details of your life or the way you conduct business, you are making an impact.

Let’s take the college student for a moment. According to Boston College, the average college student goes through about 320 pounds of paper, PER YEAR. Imagine the impact if that college student recycled all those rough drafts instead of using them in the ever popular waste basket basketball. Small steps, Big impact.

Large corporations don’t have to set out to turn the tide right away and completely change the culture of their company. Little incentives that encourage employee buy in for things like riding their bike to work, or using reusable water bottles all will begin to change the corporate culture and create the platform for larger sustainable change.

Small steps in sustainability
So as you ponder what types of small steps you can take in your sustainable journey, let’s look ahead to a mere two weeks from now to Halloween where we have everything from costumes to candy to decorations. Each one of the elements can be a part of your sustainable process. Instead of buying the costumes in the store, get creative! Assemble or make your own costumes from household items. The same goes for Decorations. Do-it-yourselfers everywhere have the ability to create beautiful decorations, and we all have Pinterest to thank for the inspiration.

As you can see, sustainability isn’t scary or daunting, it’s a process. Start small, and you will make an impact.

Small steps to sustainability

About PFB Corporation: PFB is a North American manufacturer of insulating building products committed to long-term sustainability. The PFB product offering represents “Better Building Ideas” because our brands, when used alone or more effectively integrated together as building systems, provide excellent insulating qualities in a cost effective way that reduce energy consumption in the heating and cooling of buildings in which they are incorporated. All PFB products coupled with their policy to pursue sustainable development goals in all our activities, will provide economic and environmental benefits to all their stakeholders.

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Why Sustainability is important to us


A lot of articles on this blog has been written about the importance of Sustainability in general, but in this article we dig deeper and answer the question: “Why is sustainability important to PFB Corporation?”.

Sustainability: our top priority

At PFB Corporation, commitment is given on its operations that would affect environmental and social concerns. Protecting the environment has always been a top priority, as seen in our processes, products and practices.

The concern for the environment also goes beyond the local scope of the business; it comes from a global scale mindset. The company wants to address the long term preservation of the planet and the effects that modern lifestyles may be having on climate change. Company operations is done responsibly, mindful of the economic, environmental and social impacts of its operations. Aside from this, the company continues to strive for improved performance with regards to input (e.g. materials and energy) and output conversions (e.g. products and emissions).

Sustainability: Less energy use, more savings

Nowadays we learn that more and more green homes are being built; this has to do with the considerable energy reduction, and eventually leading to more cost savings. As the market demand for better sustainable products increase, all the more it affirms the company’s belief that green is the way to go. PFB continues to support sustainability methods, as it produces several product solutions that help the goal of accomplishing energy efficiency.

Sustainability: Environmental Awareness

Sustainability is essentially defined as the “ability to sustain our way of living in our environment”. This fundamental truth explains that our basic survival is either directly or indirectly dependent on our environment. The company’s mission and vision is behind this principle of safety to the community. Efforts on maintaining sustainability has always part of the company’s important business directives.

PFB Corporation has also been a part of several sustainability projects events. The company continues to take part in the community’s green drive for environmental awareness.

Sustainability: Brand alignment

“Better Building Ideas”. With its corporate slogan follows it’s brand alignment towards greener solutions and offering products that are both energy efficient and cost effective. As one of the leaders in the industry, PFB’s corporate culture is rooted in sustainable development. This not only is reflected on our applications but also to the awards and recognition gained throughout the years.

A leader in sustainability

As discussed, PFB Corporation is committed to conduct operations that affect environmental and social trends and recognize the importance of being transparent with their sustainability efforts. Environmental conservation has always been their top priority as shown in our practices, products and processes, including energy efficient buildings.

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Saving costs with Sustainable Products

It is the common perception that sustainability solutions are geared mostly towards benefitting the environment and community, though with these ground breaking methods starting to take place, not enough information has been disseminated to the general public on the other factored benefits.

What is not taken into consideration is the financial aspect with regards to using these products or methods. Most people immediately perceive these promising changes as another cost to deal with; what they don’t realize are how beneficial  it is with regards to costs.

Media website Adweek ( recently featured an article that talks about the upcoming trends in the social and digital space.  Entitled “What Smart Cities of the Future Will Look Like”, the site states: “Saving money through efficiency: Much of the driving force behind everything “online” revolves around the bottom line, and improvements in efficiency lead to a solid reduction in needless spending.

While upgrading all 160,000 streetlights in Los Angeles with remote monitoring and smart controls will cost about $14 million, the city is saving $8 million per year by switching to more energy-efficient LED bulbs, according to CNN Money. The technology alerts city employees when bulbs are out, but eventually, it may gather reams of valuable information about air quality, traffic patterns and more pertinent information for improving the city’s quality of life.”

Dealing with change

Recent improvements with environmental directives and the gradual involvement of more industries investing in sustainability has had a positive impact. One of the biggest challenges that these new strategies face however, is the idea of change.

Change can bring down massive adjustments to the processes of an organization, and the turnover time could take a while. At times the implementation can drag systems and affect the overall functional area of an organization. The worst thing that can happen is dropping the new strategy altogether and reverting back to the old methods.

Positive outweigh negatives

In the grand scheme of things, the positives brought by sustainability products simply outweigh the negatives. If more information is given out, when more and more industries and communities realize the positive effects of these products, then the process can improve.  So by making the focus shift to efficiency and making problem solution methods move faster and better, less cost is ultimately realized. Thus, more and more expenses are being mitigated and more money saved.

Supporting cost-effective trends for 2017

Aside from significant savings and reduction in energy consumption, energy efficient materials support one very significant objective: sustainability.

As companies continue to recognize the importance of selecting the right materials in constructing buildings, so does the rate of positive impact to the environment.

Companies such as PFB Corporation are committed to conduct operations that affect environmental and social trends and recognize the importance of being transparent with their sustainability efforts. Environmental conservation has always been their top priority as shown in their practices, products and processes, including energy efficient buildings.

To learn about PFB Corporation and their sustainability directives, visit