Earth Day: A Day to Give Our Planet the TLC it Deserves

earth day.jpg

Earth Day: an annual, secular holiday that gives society the opportunity to reflect on our beautiful planet in all its glory, its current state, the damage we’ve invoked upon it, and how we can redeem ourselves to protect the environment. The awareness that this holiday brings every year is astonishing. For a day, everyone takes a moment from their chaotic, busy lives to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. They take time to truly admire and cherish the refreshing greenery, vast oceans, and breathtaking mountains that Mother Nature has gifted us. For one singular day, Earth is showered in all of the love and admiration it deserves.

While we wish that everyone treated every day like Earth Day, we can still appreciate the awareness and education that this day brings every year. Celebrating Earth Day is something that should be taken seriously, and done in such a way that the environment will be made better by your celebration. There are many easy, fun ways to give the planet a little TLC. Here are a couple of ideas that can help restore the environment, while also educating us on its current condition.

Plant Trees

planting trees.jpg

Trees are vital for Earth’s production of oxygen. In their leaves, trees absorb the toxic CO2 that animals and humans breathe out. Along with CO2, the leaves also soak up sunlight, which is then combined with water absorbed at the tree’s roots to create oxygen. The oxygen is then released into the air for Earth’s living beings to breathe in. Unfortunately, deforestation all over the world is removing that source of oxygen for us, and causing an abundance of CO2 to remain in our atmosphere. To honor the environment and help get it back on its feet for Earth Day, why not help the replanting process by planting a tree or two in your yard? You can gain a sense of pride knowing that you are working towards creating a greener earth, while having a beautiful reminder growing right on your property. Just remember to water it once a day for the first two weeks, and then once a week for the rest of the year to help it grow healthy and strong.

Organize a Trash Cleanup

Litter and waste may not seem like much on a small scale, but it can cause a much greater impact than many people understand. Litter that is scattered throughout public places like parks, streets, or even around buildings can potentially enter storm water systems and travel to our freshwater sources (creeks, rivers, ponds, etc.). Even worse, they can travel through rivers to oceans, and cause pollution. The trash left on land can cause the same effect to land-dwellers. On top of this, runoff from litter and polluted water can get into our soils and poison the plants that grow from the soil with toxins. To do your part to reduce this issue, consider organizing a trash cleanup with some friends. It could be at a park, a beach, a river, or any public place that has litter scattered. Be sure to bring gloves, bags, durable shoes, and potentially a trash picker if you have one. The animals in these areas will be preserved, and the environment will be healthier thanks to you.

Bike or Walk Instead of Driving for a Day

As you likely know, a car needs gasoline to power it. When burned, gasoline releases carbon dioxide into the air, which contributes even more to global warming. To keep the air cleaner for a day and honor Earth Day, consider opting to bike or walk. You’ll be doing the planet a favor by eliminating carbon dioxide emissions while also giving yourself some exercise! If biking or walking is too slow for your Earth Day plans, consider at least using public transportation or carpooling to wherever you need to go. You will be burning less CO2 than if you had driven your own car, and that goes a long way.

Turn Off Appliances for the Day


 In order to power your home’s appliances, you need to use electricity. Electricity is fueled by fossil fuels, which are burned and pollute the environment with CO2 emissions. So, energy conservation is a very important factor to consider when trying to make the planet cleaner and healthier. One great way to do this on Earth Day is to turn off and unplug your home appliances for the day. Less pollution will enter the atmosphere with this simple action, and you will give yourself the opportunity to get out the house and enjoy nature!

Switch Your Home’s Insulation to a Greener Option


To continue with the topic of energy conservation, heating and cooling in your home require fossil fuels to be burned. The insulation in your home is supposed to retain the heating and cooling that you are burning energy for; however, many insulation products lose heating and cooling to thermal bridging in the walls. In order to increase thermal resistance to conserve energy and retain the heating/cooling you desire to make your home comfortable, consider giving Earth and yourself a gift by switching your insulation. For something cost-effective and basic, we have our PlastiSpan Insulation. With an r-value of 3.75/inch, this EPS foam insulation works to increase thermal resistance, which will retain your desired heating/cooling in your home, lower your utility bills, and conserve energy! To insulate other parts of your home with the same thermal resistance, such as exterior sheathing or your home’s foundation, the product we would recommend is EnerSpan. It does the same job as PlastiSpan, but with an even higher R-value to keep your home more comfortable and conserve more energy!


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