How to Be a Green Pet Owner

green pets

Pets have a way of stealing our hearts. With their loyalty, affectionate demeanors, and silly antics, our animal companions easily make themselves a part of the family. When it comes to being a pet owner, we want to do everything that we can to ensure that our pets are living a long, healthy, and happy life.

While owning pets may be full of chaos and expenses that may consume your time, you should not have to eliminate your eco-friendly way of life to focus on your pets. In fact, we know of a few ways to still eliminate the planet’s waste while still giving your pets an amazing life! Here are a few tips to help maintain a green lifestyle for both you and your pets.

Adopt, Don’t Shop


For those of you who are looking to get a pet in the near future, our biggest recommendation is to adopt a rescue from an animal shelter. There are so many sweet animals in shelters whom need a loving home, and won’t be adopted due to people purchasing puppies and kittens from breeders and puppy mills. This causes a lot of shelters to fill up with strays, which leads to many strays being euthanized. You can feel great about rescuing a sweet animal, spending less on adoption fees than on a puppy or kitten from a breeder or mill, and opening up more space for another rescue in the shelter instead of being euthanized!

Buy in Bulk

Buying bags of pet food is something that is consistently on our to-do lists. Unfortunately, our pets go through those bags of food rather quickly, and the bags are thrown away. This adds to landfills, which is terrible for our planet. Instead of buying a small bag of pet food every two weeks, why not buy a huge bag of food and save yourself some money? It will last longer, eliminates the amount of waste expended, and also gets rid of gas used to run to the pet store when your pet runs out of food. Your wallet and the planet will thank you!

Make Your Own Pet Food and Treats

If you like to cook and make your own recipes at home, you might enjoy preparing your pets meals instead of buying store-bought pet food. This would eliminate waste from pet food packaging, and gas used to run to the pet store. Just be sure to check with your veterinarian to make sure that this is safe for your pet; they may even have some recipes or advice on hand!

Switch Your Insulation 


Does your home have fiberglass insulation? While any insulation can be dangerous to your pets if ingested, fiberglass can be even more hazardous. The small shards of fiberglass can be dangerous to the touch, and the dust is hazardous if inhaled. Instead, consider switching to a foam insulation that is both eco-friendly and affordable. Our PlastiSpan insulation is a great option, as it is available in various thicknesses and R-values to meet your needs, and can be applied to walls and roofs, and eliminates thermal bridging (which will save you some cash on your energy bills). Your pet will not be harmed by touching it, and your home will be better insulated!

Buy Eco-Friendly Supplies and Toys

Did you know that they make eco-friendly pet supplies? There are pet collars, toys, beds, and leashes that are made from recycled materials, as well as plant-based materials. You can look online for all of these commodities, and have them shipped to your home! This will save you gas, and also reduce the amount of packaging used for these supplies!

Use Biodegradable Bags and Litter

Instead of using plastic bags to pick up your pup’s poop, opt for biodegradable bags. They will offer the same use, but will break down naturally instead of depositing into landfills and oceans. If you own a cat, biodegradable litter is an option, and can even be used for compost! Less plastic used for your pet’s “waste” will make for a happier and cleaner planet!

Having a Green Holiday Season


Now that the fall season is coming to a close and snow has made its presence very well known, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year: holiday season! Whether you and your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or any other winter holiday, the upcoming festivities bring plenty of joy for everyone. We are granted the opportunity to get together with our loved ones, share amazing home-cooked meals, and be grateful for all of the positive aspects that we have in our lives.

Now, just because we are all busy preparing for the wonderful holiday season doesn’t mean that we should forget about keeping our festivities eco-friendly. In fact, this time of year is the best time to make sustainable living a priority. We can work to eliminate waste, reduce energy used, and do our part to make the world greener while still having a ball with our loved ones with these few, simple tips.

Break Out the Fine China

 Holidays are a perfect time to use the fancy dishes, glasses, cloth napkins, and silverware that you have been saving for special occasions. They bring an air of elegance to the table, add to the festive décor, and lets your guests know that you put your whole heart into the table settings. On top of this, it is actually super eco-friendly to opt for your fine china over disposable dishes and napkins. Disposable plates and paper napkins cannot be recycled once they have food on them, which causes extra waste in landfills. It is easier to save yourself some money and time by just breaking out the fine china for the night.

Make Your Own Decorations


 Decorations can really help put your guests into the holiday spirit with some festive flair! However, many store-bought decorations are pricey, and are made with materials that aren’t so great for the environment. Why not get crafty and make your own decorations at home? It’s a great way to make your home look festive, save some money, eliminate harmful materials from being used and wasted, and have the family bond over an activity they can do together!

If you want to go for a fun fall vibe, you can take leaves, pinecones, and acorns from outside and use those around the house. You can present them in vases, make art with them, or find some other crafty way to display them.

For both fall and winter decorations, we recommend using our Handi-Pac foam and cutting it into fun shapes! It is easy to cut and mold into whatever you want it to be. From there, you can paint it and add your own personal style, and adorn your house with it! Once you’re done making your decorations, you can save the excess foam for other projects and crafts you may want to work on later.


If inspiration isn’t striking you, Pinterest is a great route to go. It’s full of great DIY projects that are simple and fun to make, and often have step-by-step directions that can guide you along the way.

Buy Local, Organic Food from Your Community


 One of the best parts of holiday gatherings are definitely the fantastic feasts that are planned and organized. From the main dishes like turkey and ham, to the delicious sides and delectable desserts, dinner is one aspect of the holidays that should be taken very seriously and properly executed. So, why not help your community out and shop locally for fruits, veggies, and meats for the feast? Not only will the food be much more fresh and tasty than grocery-store bought, but you will assist in preserving farmland, building local jobs, and saving the environment by reducing the amount of fuel emissions expended from shipping in the products. Bonus: going to the farmer’s market with the family is a great way to bond, and to help plan out the holiday dinner together!

Cook Less Food for The Holiday Dinners

 Don’t get us wrong, we love having holiday leftovers to snack on once the holiday is over. However, often times we cook way too much food for our seasonal feasts, and end up throwing away a bunch of it once the night is over. Talk about food waste! Instead, why not cut down on the amount of side dishes available during dinner (or at least the portion sizes), and cook a smaller main course for everyone to share? There will be a lot less food going to waste, less time taken to prepare the food, and less cleanup afterwards for the dinner host!

Carpool to Holiday Dinners


 Traveling is one aspect of the holidays that we can’t seem to avoid. Sometimes we live a bit of a distance from our loved ones, and have to make a long commute to make it to family get-togethers. While the driving is inevitable, we can still do our part to eliminate the amount of fuel burned into the environment. If you live near other family members who are traveling to the host’s home, why not carpool with them? You’ll have some company to make the commute more fun, and you’ll be doing the environment a favor. Bonus: everybody can split the cost of gas while carpooling, which will save more money than if everyone had driven separately.