Sustainable Buildings


The LafargeHolcim Foundation website posted an article called “Understanding sustainable construction”, which stressed the importance of supporting sustainable buildings due to its contributions on helping conserve the environment.

The said post also added a study to support this directive:

“… In the world of construction, buildings have the capacity to make a major contribution to a more sustainable future for our planet. The OECD, for instance, estimates that buildings in developed countries account for more than forty percent of energy consumption over their lifetime (incorporating raw material production, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning). Add to this the fact that for the first time in human history over half of the world’s population now lives in urban environments and it’s clear that sustainable buildings have become vital cornerstones for securing long-term environmental, economic and social viability.”

In an effort to make sustainable construction easier to comprehend, study and apply, the Foundation and its partner schools have come up with a group of five “target issues” as part of its selection process in choosing the recipients for their LafargeHolcim Awards. These issues are: Innovation and transferability (Progress), Ethical standards and social inclusion (People), Resource and environmental performance (Planet), Economic viability and compatibility (Prosperity) and Contextual and aesthetic impact (Place).

In support of Sustainable Buildings

Sharing the same belief on the importance of Sustainable Buildings, companies like PFB Corporation remain committed in performing operations that affect social and environmental concerns. Environmental conservation has always been their top priority as reflected in their practices, products and processes.

Insulspan is an excellent choice to construct sustainable buildings because of its energy efficiency features and ability to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Insulspan’s sustainable system and its ability to withstand natural disasters better than other construction methods makes it a top option for energy efficient buildings.

With more and more online resources providing related information, building awareness around the community would improve significantly and benefit everyone in the long term.

Are you interested in learning more about sustainability? Check out for some good insights on what some companies are doing to stay on board the sustainable path.

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