Going Green for Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, and we know that people everywhere are getting prepped for the spooky holiday. Costumes are pieced together, scary decorations are adorned around the house, and candy bowls are ready for the youngsters to grab on Halloween night. However, if you’re like some of us, you’ve procrastinated on getting the house (and yourself) ready for spooky season, and you want to be as eco-friendly as possible with all aspects of the holiday. Never fear! We have plenty of tips to help you prepare for Halloween, from decorations to costumes and everything in between.

Reuse/ Build Your Own Halloween Costume

 Have you ever noticed how pricey pre-made Halloween costumes can be? Why pay so much money for a costume that you’ll wear once a year, and that comes with tons of packaging that will just add to the planet’s extensive amount of waste? Instead, consider getting creative by browsing through thrift shops to build your own unique costume, or borrowing a used costume from a friend! It’ll help eliminate some excess waste, while also saving you some extra cash. To go even further, you can donate your costume when you’re done with it, or let another friend or family member have it!

Reuse Trick-Or-Treat Bags

trick or treat.jpg

 Trick-Or-Treat bags definitely do not need to be elaborate for your kids as they go strolling for candy. Instead of going out and buying a new one, why not reuse one that you’ve used in previous years? If you or someone you know doesn’t have a candy bucket or bag that you can reuse, think about using a pillow case. It can hold more candy, it’s easy to clean, and can be put right back on your pillow after Halloween! This will keep you from spending unnecessary money, while also reducing the amount of garbage thrown out after Halloween is over.

Buy Locally Grown Pumpkins and Produce

pumpkins and apples

 Planning on carving pumpkins this year? Maybe buying some apples or apple cider? We recommend buying locally grown pumpkins and apples this season. Consider checking out nearby apple orchards and pick apples yourself! It makes for a fun family outing or date idea, plus you’ll eliminate the amount of packaging that comes from store bought produce. To get the most use out of your pumpkins, you can roast the seeds and use insides to make some baked goods. You’ll be lowering emissions by buying locally grown produce, and still be able to make some tasty treats!

Hand Out Toys and Other Fun Treats Instead of Candy 

Did you know that candy wrappers are not recyclable? This means that, once Halloween is over, there will be an abundance of trash added to our planet’s already heaping pile. To avoid this, why not hand out fun little goodies that aren’t pre-packaged? You can give kids little Halloween toys, jewelry, pencils, stickers, temporary tattoos, and other fun ideas instead of candy. It will reduce the amount of garbage compiled, while still adding to the fun of Halloween. Bonus: it’s a much healthier alternative!

Make Your Own Halloween Decorations

 Lots of people opt to buy fancy Halloween décor to adorn their house with. While it looks great, it can be expensive, and not very eco-friendly due to all of the packaging used and wasted. Instead, why not try to make your own decorations?

One way to make some amazing Halloween decorations is with our PlastiSpan handi-pac insulation. Typically used as a foam, cushion packaging solution, these pieces can be cut and molded to create whatever shapes and designs you want! You can cut them and paint them to look like pumpkins, bats, or whatever other spooky design you please.


For other DIY decoration ideas, we highly recommend you check out Pinterest. They have thousands of easy, fun ideas that anyone (crafty or not) can make!

Going Green Without Becoming Green: Eco-Friendly Ways to Handle Flu Season

green sick emoji .jpg

With autumn in full swing, people everywhere are getting excited about the beautiful weather changes, seasonal foods coming into play, and the spooky festivities that come with Halloween. However, many of us are already experiencing the downfalls of the season change: catching colds, flus, and everything in between. It’s no fun trying to ward off these pesky illnesses, and it’s even worse trying to get over them once we have caught them. To add to it, we have to try to keep the environment in mind and make decisions on how to take care of ourselves without harming the planet. Never fear though, it is easier than you would imagine. Here are a couple of tips to help fight off those yucky fall sicknesses, make the diseases bearable if you’ve already caught them, and to maintain your eco-friendly lifestyle all along the way!

Have a Healthy Diet Full of Organic Foods and Herbs


Sure, this tip may seem like common sense, but many people overlook how helpful eating lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables can be for their immune systems. The more nutrients and vitamins that you are taking in, the healthier your body will be and the harder your immune system will fight against unwanted bacteria. If you are already enduring a seasonal illness, adding certain herbs and spices to your diet can relieve your body of some of the symptoms. For example, ginger can alleviate symptoms of upper respiratory infections and bronchitis, and nutmeg can help you fall asleep when your ailments are making it difficult. Not to mention, adding these spices and herbs to your diet before you get sick can help fight off diseases, which your body will definitely thank you for.

Clean Your House Often


In order to keep yourself from getting sick, you have to work to eliminate the harmful bacteria that could infect you. A lot of this bacteria can come into your household by other people spreading the germs and bringing them inside with them. So, to keep your home as clean as possible from all of these germs, be sure to clean your house regularly with all natural cleaners. Dusting, surface cleaning with hot water and soap, and washing all fabrics regularly will eliminate the amount of bacteria and mold in your home, which will help keep those pesky illnesses at bay!

Keep Your Home Comfortable and Cozy


With the change of the season, the temperatures are guaranteed to drop and become much chillier. Lots of people struggle with this, as they aren’t completely willing to pay the extra money on their energy bills to turn up the heat in their homes. In turn, they either become sick, or adapt to the cool weather by constantly wearing layers in their home, which can be a tad annoying. Why not kill two birds with one stone and have a warm, comfortable home that won’t make your utility bills spike? The key to this is in your home’s insulation. With a great insulation system in place, your home can maintain thermal resistance and not lose its comfort to thermal bridging.

If your current insulation is not up to par, we recommend our PlastiSpan insulation. It can be applied in the walls and roof of your home, and the high r-value is guaranteed to eliminate thermal bridging, so that you won’t lose any of the heat you’re trying to keep locked inside. You will be spending less on your utility bills, and using less energy to keep your home cozy, which is a win-win for both your wallet and the environment!

Go Traditional: Use Handkerchiefs Instead of Tissues


 It may seem somewhat outdated, but handkerchiefs may be the best way to keep your nose clean AND eliminate waste. By using a ton of tissues to blow your nose, just to throw them all away, a lot of paper is being wasted. So, why not keep a couple of handkerchiefs instead? It’s convenient, softer on your nose, and saves a few trees. Unsure about how hygienic it is to use a handkerchief? As long as you wash them regularly and don’t reuse the same one over and over, it’s just as sanitary as disposing of tissues.