Staying Green While Enjoying Spring


Now that spring has finally sprung, it is safe to assume that everyone wants to flock outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather that has taken way too long to arrive! The long winter has given people plenty of time to inspire and woo those stuck indoors with tantalizing visions of gardens, cookouts, and breathing in the fresh air. Finally, everyone is free to embrace the warmth, get their kids out of the house, and seize the day with loads of fun outdoor activities.

Spring is also a great time to acknowledge the outdoors, and really be aware of our impact on the environment with our activities. We want to make the most out of this beautiful season without damaging the planet that sustains it all. To help preserve the planet and still have fun, here are a couple of ideas for staying green while enjoying spring!

Go Hiking

 Going hiking is a great activity for spring! It gets you out of the house, allows you to enjoy nature while you walk through it, and keeps you moving and exercising. Plus, it can be a fun family activity for everyone to enjoy. No matter where you live, there are plenty of beautiful parks and nature trails nearby. If you don’t know of any yourself, ask a friend, or check Google. You are sure to find tons of great options to choose from!

Biking Instead of Driving

Vintage bicycle waiting near tree

 Want to make an activity out of running errands? Opt out of driving, and go biking! It’s an excellent way to enjoy the gorgeous weather, knock out your errands, and to exercise while having fun. Not to mention, you will be doing the environment a huge favor by eliminating burning fossil fuels and using a bike.

Create Arts and Crafts on Rainy Days


 Rainy days during spring are inevitable. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be inspired by spring and have fun! If you have kids and want to keep them entertained and away from the TV on a rainy day, try doing some fun arts and crafts with them. We suggest using our PlastiSpan EPS foam boards as a base, and cutting out fun spring shapes like flowers, bees, etc. From there, use glitter, paint, sequins, markers, or whatever else your creative heart desires to make beautiful spring masterpieces with your little ones! It’s a great boredom buster, and it conserves energy by keeping your kids away from electronics. We’ll call that a win!

Plant a Garden

A great way to get you and/or your kids involved in spring is by planting a garden! Whether it consists of vegetables, fruits, or flowers, planting a garden will help teach your children how to nurture plants, how they grow, and the importance of plants in our everyday lives and nature. Not to mention, it will keep them busy and out of the house, and it will add some liveliness to your yard!

Don’t have time to maintain a full garden? Opt to plant a tree in your yard instead. It will take less maintenance than a full garden, will help add oxygen back into the air, and still teach valuable lessons about the environment to you and/or your children.

Visit an Animal Shelter


 Do you or your family love animals? Show that love by visiting an animal shelter this spring! Even if you do not want to adopt an animal, you can still visit to show those animals some love and affection, or even make a day out of it by volunteering! If you do want to adopt an animal, all the better! Adopting an animal gives that animal a second chance in a loving home, and eliminates the number of animals being bought by breeding mills. You will make that animal so incredibly happy by giving them a forever home, and be doing the shelter a service by giving them more room to take in more rescues. Bonus: you will be assisting in keeping more animals in need off of the streets and on their way to finding their “fur-ever” families!

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