More than a Hundred Ways to Save on your Energy Bill

Consumers Energy website had featured a very informative article regarding energy management.

Called “Managing Your Energy Use”, the said post states: “Efficiency is Key. Being smart about the way you use energy can keep you comfortable and help you save money.”

The categories that were discussed includes:

1. Heating and Cooling – Has more than ten energy-saving tips on beating the summer heat, as well as another set of ten tips on reducing costs for home heating during the winter. A third set of tips come under “Thermostat Settings” where you can save 1% to 3% on heating costs. Lastly, a set of tips fall on “Water Heater”, since water heating is usually the third biggest energy expense.

Some of the tips being suggested under this category:

  • Invest in an air conditioner that has a high energy efficiency rating which is printed on the EnergyGuide label.
  • Cleaning out leaves and debris from your air conditioning unit.
  • Installing your air conditioner beneath a shade, as positioning it under direct sunlight requires more energy.
  • Cleaning the filter regularly. Dusty filters make your air conditioner work harder.
  • Don’t cool unused areas. Close doors and registers to cut energy costs.

2. Appliances – The section covers the essential ones and these include tips on Dishwasher use, Refrigerator/Freezer use, Stove and Oven and Washer and Dryer.

3. Around the House – Energy use tips cover not only inside the house but also around it that adds to energy consumption. By including these aspects, financial savings will get an added boost.

More than 100 Tips

The downloadable brochure contains more than a hundred tips to make your home more energy efficient. The rationale behind all these tips is rather simple: Use less to pay less.

Supporting energy efficiency directives

The importance of energy efficiency in saving costs and preserving the environment has been a primary goal of many organizations.

Companies such as PFB Corporation are committed to conduct operations that affect environmental and social trends. Environmental conservation has always been their top priority as shown in their practices, products and processes, including energy efficient residential and commercial buildings.

Insulspan is an excellent choice to construct energy efficient buildings because of its energy efficiency features and ability to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Insulspan’s sustainable system and its ability to withstand natural disasters better than other construction methods makes it a top option for energy efficient buildings.

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