Feel the Love with an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

green valentine.jpg

Valentine’s Day is a day that can be special for everyone. Whether you’re a single individual, a sappy spouse, or a child buying sweet candies and cards for friends at school, you can enjoy the sweet aspects of this Hallmark holiday. Represented by hearts, treats, and everything affectionate, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your loved ones a little extra attention, and show them your appreciation with endearing gifts and gestures.

Now, just because the main colors of Valentine’s Day are red and pink, does not mean that we should ever forget to maintain a green outlook. You can still enjoy Valentine’s Day while being eco-friendly; you simply have to keep reducing waste and energy in mind. To give you some inspiration, here are some great ideas for having a green Valentine’s Day.

Handmade Cards Instead of Store-Bought

          Do your kids have to bring Valentine’s Day cards to class this year? If so, consider saving some cash by having them create personalized cards for their classmates instead of buying a box of them at the grocery store. All it takes is some paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glitter, or whatever else your child wishes to use to design the cards. The sentiment will be very present, your children can use their creativity while making the cards, and you will be conserving the packaging that comes with store-bought cards. We can call that a win-win! If you want to go above and beyond for some beautiful handmade cards, Pinterest is typically full of unique and simple DIY ideas!

Bake Goods Instead of Buying Them

vday cookies.jpg

 Want to surprise your sweetheart with some chocolates and sweet treats? Instead of buying the generic chocolates at the store, why not bake some goodies at home? Sugar cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes, pies, and other delicious treats are not too challenging to make as long as you have the correct ingredients. Your wallet will thank you, and so will the environment with the amount of packaging, energy, and waste conserved by your efforts. Plus, your significant other will be touched by the fact that you took the time to make them something special instead of buying it, which is so much better!

Stay In and Make a Home-Cooked Meal

          Similar to the baked goods in the last tip, home-cooked meals go a long in terms of doing something special for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. You can personalize a romantic meal for your sweetheart at home, cook with love, and give them the comfort and relaxation of staying in. On top of that, you can feel great about spending less money, not burning fossil fuels to drive to a fancy restaurant, and not contributing to the planet’s abundance of trash and waste. Just remember to properly recycle the packaging used for your food once you are done cooking, and you are set!

Buy Organic Flowers


 If you are interested in buying flowers for your special someone, we suggest shopping at an organically-grown flower shop. Many cut flowers at other shops are coated in pesticides, which should not be endorsed. Help rid the environment and these beautiful plants of these toxic chemicals, and shop organic!

Make Homemade Valentine’s Decorations


Want a fun, DIY Valentine’s Day project to work on with your kids? When you are not working on those cute classroom cards with them, consider making foam hearts and other Valentine’s decorations! Using EPS foam as the main material, you can cut the foam into fun shapes, and take whatever decorating tools you please to make them unique and fun! We recommend our PlastiSpan EPS foam insulation for your material, as it is durable, easy to cut, and safe for your kids to use. Once you and the kids are finished with your decorations, hang them up around the house and feel the love!