How do SIPs compare in cost to sticks?

SIP Cost Comparisons

Attached is a presentation I have given a few times to the National Association of Homebuilders addressing the question of how do SIPs compare in cost to stick framing.

The simple answer to the questions is that SIPs cost less.

They only cost more more when they are compared to homes that are built to the lowest standards allowed by the building code, HVAC sytems are not downsized and home ownership costs are not considered.

 In locations where code mandated energy performance standards are relatively high, SIPs compete on a first cost basis with stick framing very nicely, while still delivering better performance, comfort, lifetime savings and many other benefits.

Since the vast majority of homes are built to code minimum standards, builders who build to these minimum standards will invariably suggest that SIPs cost more. But builders who must build to high standards or choose to such as Green Builders, will tell you that SIPs cost no more and usually less when HVAC system cost reductions, cycle time savings, stick frame air sealing  and labor cost reductions are factored in.

To the homeowner SIP homes cost less, for they pay the utility bill, the builder does not. Builders typically are fixated on only one thing and that is profit, thus they focus on building as cheaply as they can to drive down first cost so they can maximize profit margin. They are seldom interested in the cost of ownership.