Energy Efficiency: A priority in constructing buildings.


Green Building Elements author Anna Kay Hicks wrote a nice piece called “Eco-Friendly Construction”. The article stressed that the buildings being constructed nowadays factor in its energy efficiency as it not only helps conserve the environment but saves on building costs as well.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) were just one of the methods mentioned in her energy-efficiency focused article.

“… Structural Insulated Panels can reduce the energy costs of a single building by fifty percent. These materials add an extra buffer to the building by employing the use of insulated foam between the boards. When you figure in that there will be insulation in the walls on top of these panels, you can see how great they are for energy efficiency.” Anna Kay Hicks, Green Building Elements.

What the article has briefly explained: An environment-friendly building is the way to go. With more and more online sources providing similar information, sustainability awareness would increase around the community and this benefits everyone in the long term.

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