Starting the Year with a Green Outlook

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         2018 has finally come to an end, and the chance for a clean slate has arrived with 2019. We all now have the opportunity to build new goals, have a fresh outlook on what the New Year may offer us, and make some incredible changes. Our biggest New Year’s Resolution that we want to implement into this year is to help the public become more aware of how they impact the environment, apply this awareness to their daily lives, and have this awareness assist in developing an overall “green” outlook for people everywhere. To get started, here is some great information that will help readers (and society) become more conscious of their actions towards our planet.

Your Carbon Footprint

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To begin, it is essential for everyone to know how much their carbon footprint can impact the environment. A carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by humans to fuel their daily life activities. Every person has a carbon footprint, whether it is large or small. You may not think about it, but even the simplest actions that we take to live our lives contribute to our carbon footprint. Heating our homes, buying groceries, driving our cars, and so much more cause quite a bit of fossil fuel emission. Therefore, having an adverse effect on the planet.

In order to begin the process of making our individual carbon footprint smaller, it is necessary to work piece by piece. For starters, let’s tackle buildings. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings consume 70 % of the electricity load in the U.S., and 39% of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. These buildings include everything from our homes to grocery stores and everything in between. However, there are some simple solutions to this issue. Using energy-efficient products to assist in heating and cooling buildings can make a dramatic difference in energy use, and cut down on overall CO2 emissions. The product offerings of PFB work to reduce thermal bridging in walls, amongst other factors that cause an excess amount of energy to be used when it can be saved. These products have been tested in both passive and active houses, and have been proven to work profoundly in cutting down energy costs to create green, sustainable buildings. No matter the building or project, PFB has an eco-friendly solution.

The next piece to tackle is definitely transportation. Transportation contributes to 33% of CO2 emissions. While we all love our cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles, reducing or eliminating their use can absolutely lower the amount of CO2 that’s released into the environment, and therefore lower our carbon footprint. First, owning an electric car or a partial zero-emissions vehicle is a great place to start. However, we understand that not everyone has that luxury. A solution to this problem would simply be to use the car that you do own a bit less than usual. Ride your bike to travel to places, carpool to work with your fellow employees, or take public transportation. Taking these simple steps will assist in making your carbon footprint smaller, and making the world a bit greener.

Lastly, it’s important to acknowledge that sustainability is not just for individuals, but companies that manufacture products as well. To date, companies worldwide are working towards the 2030 Agenda. This initiative is a plan of action for people, the planet, and prosperity. It works to protect the planet from damage, use sustainable consumption and production, and taking serious action on climate change. Many manufacturers recognize the environmental impact of production, and many work to achieve and maintain sustainable manufacturing practices. PFB is one such company. To see our Environmental Stewardship and reporting data on sustainable manufacturing, visit:

All in all, knowing your carbon footprint and how it affects the environment is the best way to be aware of how you can make the world a greener place. On top of this, staying in the know about green topics will help develop a green outlook for you. Keep yourself informed, and you’ll surely see a difference in how you approach the environment.

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