Wind Energy: More than just a lot of hot air

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about the different energy sources available us worldwide. In my last post, we talked about wind turbines and wind energy. This article covered much of the same philosophies about wind and it’s usefulness to our society if we just embrace it.

Using wind to generate power is not a new concept. The Babylonians were using wind to pump water to irrigate crops 4000 years ago. What is new, however, is the idea that wind can be harnessed in such a way that it can form a genuine alternative to fossil fuels. This dream is becoming closer to reality. [EXCERPT FROM Earth’s Next Generation – The pros and cons of renewable energy sources]

There are many types of renewable energy resources available to us as long as we begin moving to accept them as more mainstream than ‘alternative.’ Sure, alternative energy sounds cool, but don’t we want sustainability and renewable to be a part of our everyday lives and not the exception?

I encourage you to read the article from the WSJ published just recently. [Earth’s Next Generation] I think you will find it really supports our thought that these renewable energy sources are so much closer to becoming part of our everyday lives than originally though.

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