A Year in Review: How Environmentally Aware We Were This Year, and How We Can Continue the Trend


Isn’t it crazy to think that this year is nearly over, and we all are about to bounce into 2020 like no time has passed at all? With 2020 only being a day away, it’s important to reflect on the year we had, so that we can acknowledge the downfalls and mistakes that were made so that we can improve on them next year, and so that we can praise ourselves for the strides and victories that have brought us to this point. In this way, we can start the new year with our goals in mind and a sense of direction in which to achieve them.

One huge aspect of the year that is essential to reflect on is the world’s rises in being eco-friendly. Our society has made huge strides in promoting environmental awareness, and it is important to review those strides in order to consider how we can improve on them. Here are a few ways that our planet has gotten the recognition it deserves:

Finding Alternative Energy Resources Instead of Focusing on Fossil Fuels

 Burning fossil fuels is one of the biggest sources of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere, which is a huge cause of global warming. Luckily, people all over the world are becoming more and more aware of this fact, and are fighting the good fight to find other sources of energy. Solar and wind energy are becoming more affordable options for renewable energy, and hydropower and geothermal energy are gaining popularity as well. With these options gaining momentum, we can dive into the new year with the goal that these will completely overpower fossil fuels, and we can start to repair the ozone layer!

Using Plastic the Right Way

While not all plastic affects the environment adversely, the previous ways that humans have taken care of plastics has not been healthy. Instead of trying to recycle and reuse plastic, many people have gotten into the habit of only putting it towards one singular use, and then throwing it away. From there, it ends up in our oceans and scattered all over the planet, adding to our already heavy waste situation. In attempts to lower this, many companies are working towards finding alternative materials to use instead of single-use plastic. Bamboo, fungi, corn starch, algae, and even grape leaves are being introduced as potential biodegradable options. If we continue to focus on options, we could potentially see a huge decrease in our planet’s waste count, which would help create a cleaner, healthier planet!

Youth Climate Awareness

kids going green

 While many adults all over the globe are becoming more aware of the problems our planet is facing, many youths are also being educated on this too! Climate change activists hit social media extremely hard this year, including many youth activists. By having several different generations of civilians educating the world on these topics, audiences of all ages can fight towards a cleaner, more green planet. Continuing this awareness into the new year can only bring more benefits than cons in the upcoming year. After all, there’s no such thing as too much education!

Use of Eco-Friendly Products for Construction


 Smart homes and green construction products have exponentially become more popular this year, as everyone is becoming more aware of our planet’s need for sustainable materials. Less pollutants and chemicals are being added to products, and energy-efficiency is considered more heavily in homes, much like our energy-efficient insulation products! With less harmful chemicals adding pollution to the air, and with less energy being used to warm/cool a home, we’re doing our part to keep our air clean and protect our planet. In the upcoming year, we can focus on promoting these products and continuing this trend, in the hopes that more buildings will be constructed with the planet’s well-being in mind.