Going Green for the Holidays

Christmas tree
The Holiday season is here once again; that time of the year when decorating, choosing gifts and shopping are on top of our to-do lists.

In making our Holiday choices, we can choose to Go Green and influence our decisions that leans towards sustainability.

The following are some Holiday Season tips that are helpful in being able to have a Go Green Holiday Season:


Energy-efficient decorating

– Purchase a living tree that you can plant outside – or keep as a houseplant once the holidays are over.

– Go for freshly-cut trees; these are recyclable. When the season is over, see if you can find tree-recycling pick up days in your community. Otherwise the trees you throw away in the trash bin ends up in a landfill.

– Own an artificial Christmas Tree that you can have for many years to come.

– Plan on having less Christmas lights or none at all in your holiday decors. LED Christmas lights are capable of saving more than 95 percent of energy in no time.

– To save on electric bills, attach your indoor/outdoor lights into a timer. That way you can turn it off in times when it is less required. As an example, make sure lights are turned off once you go to bed – no one is out there admiring those lights at 3 in the morning.

– Start being creative: Use natural materials that you can find in your home for decorations.

Resource management

 – When looking for electronic gadgets for both home and office, check to see if it has the Energy Star label on it. These products are energy-efficient, meaning they are turned off when not in use.

– Plan ahead when going shopping. Instead of having several trips, strive to have it all done in one day to save on gas.

– Shop for gifts that are recyclable, energy-efficient and naturally produced.

– Rather than buy shiny rolls of paper, use recycled paper when wrapping gifts. Another option is wrapping gifts in wearable items like scarves.

– Instead of sending Christmas cards by mail, save on costs by e-mailing holiday cards and Christmas invites.

In support of an Eco-Friendly Season 

Celebrating the Holidays doesn’t mean putting all our green initiatives on hold. Going Green is possible with the right planning and action.

As companies and communities continue to recognize the importance of energy efficiency this coming Holiday Season,  so does the rate of its positive impact to the environment.

Companies such as PFB Corporation are committed to conduct operations that affect environmental and social trends and recognize the importance of being transparent with their sustainability efforts. Environmental conservation has always been their top priority as shown in their practices, products and processes, including energy efficient buildings.

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