Green Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

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Does this summer seem exceptionally hot to you guys, or is it just us? All throughout the long winter, we were practically begging for a little warmth. Now that the relief of spring has passed and the sweltering summer heat has kicked into high gear, people are looking for any type of cool comfort. For our eco-friendly warriors out there, staying green while beating the heat is an even bigger challenge. Never fear though! Here are a couple of easy ways to stay cool this summer while still being kind to the environment!

Use Curtains to Cool Your Home

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Have you ever noticed just how hot it gets in your home when the bright light is shining through your windows all day long? Before reaching to crank up the thermostat to cool down your house, consider using some curtains to combat the heat. Using dark curtains during the day to keep out the light will naturally cool your home, and wastes zero energy!

Replace Your Air Conditioner

If you absolutely feel the need to blast the air conditioning, don’t worry: you’re not alone. It’s an instant relief, and cools the whole house rather than just one room like a fan would. To do the environmentally responsible thing, consider switching your current air conditioner out for with one that has a higher EER rating. It will be more energy-efficient, so it will conserve more energy than traditional ones. You can feel cool with no guilt!

Cool Your Body with Cold Food and Drinks

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 If you feel like getting creative and making some fun summer treats, crafting cold snacks and beverages is a great way to beat the heat this summer! This hot weather is a great excuse to eat lots of frozen yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, and popsicles. If you want to have a fun activity to do with kids, you can make your own fruit popsicles and smoothies. Consider it a bonus if you use organic, locally grown fruits!

Upgrade Your Insulation

 Few people know this, but there are energy-efficient insulation options that will maintain the cooling in your home, lower your utility bills, and conserve energy! If you think your home is losing a lot of  that conditioned air, consider upgrading your insulation with our EPS foam insulation products. DuroFoam is a great start, as it is a wall insulation that boasts a high R-value. The high R-value means that it has high thermal resistance, which maintains the heating/cooling you want in your home and doesn’t lose it in the walls like many insulations do. For something with an even higher R-value per inch, EnerSpan Insulation is another great choice. It’s made of Neopor, which is a graphite-enhanced material that reduces radiation heat transfer. It can be used in your foundation, exterior insulating sheathing, and under slab!

Using just these few tips can help you beat the heat and enjoy your home regardless of what mother nature has in store.