Go Green Recycling Awards for Sustainability

go green - lebanon officeToday’s Pulse local news online writer Lisa Knodel wrote a piece called “Warren County organizations go green”.

The article discussed how Warren County organizations are able to integrate green initiatives intended to benefit the environment. One such initiative, the “Go Green Warren County”, was a contest that the Warren Country Solid Waste Management District came up with that recognizes the earth-friendly, waste reduction and recycling efforts done by leaders in the industry.

“Each of the award recipients has made an impact on not only their own organization but on the surrounding community. Each demonstrated a commitment with their time and finances to recycle and protect the earth,” said Susanne Mason, Director of the Warren County Solid Waste Management District.” http://www.todayspulse.com/news/news/local/warren-county-organizations-go-green/nY74h/#sthash.JHKuMrXn.dpuf

Having a contest promoting sustainability provides benefits on both the company and their surroundings.

“Recycling protects the environment, preserves landfill space and saves energy. It is easy to do, and everyone should be a recycler,” Mason added.

Go Green Recycling for 2014

This year one of the recepients of Go Green Recycling is Plast-Fab’s Lebanon Ohio operation. Just like with previous winners, Plast-Fab was recognized for a job process that had the environment in mind; in this case their recycling methods resulted in less amounts of waste significantly lower than other facilities in the vicinity.

The plant would re-use EPS material by returning it back into the block to create more insulation products. When this is not possible, the EPS are thermally compacted then sold to recyclers. The recyclers in turn manufacture plastic products such as picture frames, wall/ceiling moldings and other consumer products. As a result, less EPS would go to the landfill.

To learn more about PFB’s Sustainability practices, visit http://www.pfbsustainability.com.