Top Sustainability Trends for 2018

We are now in the second month of 2018, but it is never too late to discuss what is trending as far as sustainability is concerned.

The concept of sustainability has managed to enter the awareness of society as a whole; from corporations and schools, from factories to the general public, this idea has now taken the attention across states and countries.

And while theory is one thing, actually implementing these principles is another. According to an article posted by the Sustainability Academy, there are ten sustainability trends to watch out for in 2018. Among these developments include:


Technology plays a big part in the advancement of sustainability. We hear of smart devices at home and cars driving in autopilot. In the midst of all these progress, how big of a factor does sustainability come into the picture?

Although not all tech facilities will be active jumping on sustainability, a good number would still contribute to the green movement.

Company contributions

Corporations have, without a doubt, started working on their own sustainability initiatives, for the simple fact that the benefits are felt; adding dependability for consumers to take notice.

The steady growth of more companies committing to sustainability would be felt in the coming years, not just on the local scene but on a more global scale.

Conflict of preferences

Any change that affects the growing majority, in reality will result in a significant “cultural divide” between those who in the green movement as opposed to those used in the status quo. As stated in the article:

“… expect a divide between those who do and those who don’t: do recycle, don’t eat meat; don’t stave off vampire electrics, do use plastic bags; don’t drive big cars, do carpool. Reduce/reuse from the Thrift Store or shop new at the Box Store? Fortunately, retailers will offer more sustainable products to attract both.“ (

Continued support for trends in sustainability

Sharing the same belief on the importance of Sustainable Buildings, companies like PFB Corporation remain committed in performing operations that affect social and environmental concerns. Environmental conservation has always been their top priority as reflected in their practices, products and processes.

PFB’s focus for the past several years has been to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by using fossil fuels more efficiently. Additionally, PFB has an initiative underway to substitute raw material inputs with materials that contains less VOC expanding agent. Since 2008, PFB has increased its usage of low VOC raw materials to 80% in 2014. This has resulted in an average annual VOC emissions reduction of over 100 tonnes.

With more and more online resources providing related content, building awareness on energy efficiency for buildings would increase significantly and benefit everyone in the long term.

Are you interested in learning more about sustainability? Check out for some good insights on what some companies are doing to stay on board the sustainable path. | |

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