The Importance and Impact of Energy Efficient Buildings

active-houseEnergy Efficiency for Buildings
Nowadays when we discuss Energy Efficiency in Sustainability, we often hear discussions and suggestions on how to reduce the consumption of energy such as switching off the light when not in use, etc. And while this is all well and good, to be truly be effective in energy conservation, what we should focus more on is on the usage; meaning how we efficiently use the energy that is available for use.

Impact of buildings to our environment

According to a report from the International Energy Agency: “… space heating and cooling together with water heating are estimated to account for nearly 60% of global energy consumption in buildings. They therefore represent the largest opportunity to reduce buildings energy consumption, improve energy security and reduce CO2 emissions, particularly due to the fact that space and water heating provision in some countries is dominate by fossil fuels.”

With buildings accounting for nearly 60% of energy usage, it becomes important to make conscientious use of energy. By applying energy efficient methods in constructing buildings, not only is energy saved, but the overall costs will be reduced as well.

Efficiency Tips for Builders

As a good example of smart Energy efficiency for Buildings, the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance website ( is a good resource for a number of Efficiency Tips to help in the design and construction of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings with the imperatives of energy efficiency in mind.

Some of the tips being mentioned include:

1. Considering companies committed to lessen fossil fuel energy linked with CO2 emissions when designing and constructing buildings.
2. Applying LEED certification for builders in order to satisfy green building standards and support energy efficiency.
3. Leveraging Green Tools that performs environmental evaluation, aims to meet green standards and does emergency management assessment.

In support of Energy Efficiency in Buildings

activehouse01Sharing the same belief on the importance of Sustainable Buildings, companies like PFB Corporation remain committed in performing operations that affect social and environmental concerns. Environmental conservation has always been their top priority as reflected in their practices, products and processes.

PFB’s focus for the past several years has been to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by using fossil fuels more efficiently. Additionally, PFB has an initiative underway to substitute raw material inputs with materials that contains less VOC expanding agent. Since 2008, PFB has increased its usage of low VOC raw materials to 80% in 2014. This has resulted in an average annual VOC emissions reduction of over 100 tonnes.

With more and more online resources providing related content, building awareness on energy efficiency for buildings would increase significantly and benefit everyone in the long term.

Are you interested in learning more about sustainability? Check out for some good insights on what some companies are doing to stay on board the sustainable path.

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