Top 5 Sustainability Trends for 2017

As the month of June comes to a close and we approach the middle of the year, trends start to form in terms of sustainable directives.

Sustainability Reporting website EnergyWatch ( recently featured an article that talks about the importance of green buildings and the direction on where Sustainability is headed.  The site states: “Going green isn’t an option anymore, it’s a requirement. Environmentally friendly buildings are financially superior in nearly all aspects. As climate change goals become stricter and investors increase interest in green developments, sustainability initiatives are increasingly coming to focus.”

We discuss three of these green trends that the article has mentioned.

Clean Energy Corporate Support Growth

Energy saving benefits have started to attract the attention of companies because it not only encourages health benefit opportunities that has shown promise in boosting employee morale, it can also provide less energy usage, providing cost saving measures that are a welcome advantage.

Rise in Renewable Energy Investments

Renewable Energy offers benefits such as self-sufficiency, and even though it has its share of pros and cons, ultimately the concept is something being considered based on the steady growth of organizations investing on this green alternative.

Organizations considering Net Zero Energy Buildings

As discussed in previous blog posts, Net Zero Energy Buildings offer energy efficient benefits which warranted more consideration as it can significantly improve a company’s corporate footprint. More and more such buildings are being built for organizations; this is among the most important trends for 2017 that should garner more traction as more sustainability practices are being talked about.

Supporting Sustainability trends for 2017.

Aside from significant savings and reduction in energy consumption, energy efficient materials supports one very significant objective: sustainability.

As companies continue to recognize the importance of selecting the right materials in constructing buildings, so does the rate of positive impact to the environment.

Companies such as PFB Corporation are committed to conduct operations that affect environmental and social trends and recognize the importance of being transparent with their sustainability efforts. Environmental conservation has always been their top priority as shown in their practices, products and processes, including energy efficient buildings.

To learn about PFB Corporation and their sustainability directives, visit


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