The 2030 Challenge: An initiative for “zero net energy” buildings


Buildings use up a great amount of energy in the U.S. and because of this issue the “2030 Challenge” was created.

Conceptualized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the campaign’s main objective is to have “zero net energy” buildings by the year 2030. Within two decades, those cities that managed to meet this challenge will not be utilizing coal, natural gas or oil in the development of new buildings.

Action items for the implementation of this initiative would require all newly constructed city buildings be designed to consume a maximum of one half of the average fossil fuel usage for the building category, and that renovated buildings should have the same 50% fossil fuel usage rate as new buildings. All other municipal construction should apply green building practices to the best efforts possible.

With energy usage projected to grow by 37% and greenhouse gas emissions by 36% in the U.S., the 2030 Challenge serves as a good opportunity to promote the use of clean energy instead of burning fossil fuels notably in buildings for a much sustainable environment.

When looking for viable products for this initiative, Insulspan is an excellent solution because of its energy efficiency and ability to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Not only does a structural insulated panel provide immediate energy savings to the end user, but the sustainability of the system and its ability to withstand natural disasters better than other construction methods makes it a premium choice for initiatives such as this.

To learn more about Insulspan SIPs, visit the Insulspan website at


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