Insulspan SIPS used in Active House USA 2012


There is a new approach to building sustainable homes; one that is both innovative and good for the environment.

Active House USA is the first of its kind in North America that meets the Active House standard. Developed by Active House Alliance, the specifications require energy reduction and the use of energy coming from renewable sources. This approach targets three main areas: indoor air quality, energy consumption and production and selecting locally provided and reliable materials.

Complying with the Active House blueprint not only benefits the environment but also aims to improve the condition and comfort of homes for homeowners. The specification has been built for certification in four North American, sustainable building standards: Energy Star, EPA Indoor, Building America Builder’s Challenge and ANSI ICC-700.

Insulspan’s Structural Insulating Panels has been used in the construction for the walls and roof of an Active House because of its superior energy efficiency and improved air quality that satisfies the Active House standard.

As the Active House movement continues to grow, so will the benefits it can provide to the environment.

To learn more about Insulspan SIPs, visit the Insulspan website at


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