Net Zero Energy Homes : Belgravia Green

Here is a interesting article about acclaimed builder Effect Homes and the insulation products that they used to help boost energy efficiency.

Give the article a read:

Award-Winning Net Zero Energy Builder chooses Plasti-Fab® products to boost energy efficiency

Along a quiet tree-lined street in Edmonton’s Belgravia neighborhood, an award-winning Net Zero Energy Builder is turning heads with their cutting-edge green development.

Effect Homes, the recepient of the Environmental Recognition Award from Canadian Home Builders’ Association, Edmonton Region and finalist for the Alberta Awards of Excellence in Housing, has presently done work at Belgravia Green, a project which has garnered attention from both local and national media. The places has also been toured by over a thousand people, including Edmonton’s mayor Stephen Mandel.

Belgravia Green consists of three side-by-side homes similar in their net zero energy ambitions but using different strategies to produce as much energy as they consume over the course of a year.

Although the homes have different wall construction and heating systems, one thing they all have in common is a finished basement constructed with Plasti-Fab’s Advantage ICF System® and PlastiSpan® HD expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation.

“There are three different homes and they are all reaching towards the same goal, but approaching it with different considerations and different technologies,” said Les Wold, the company’s managing partner. “We have not built a foundation in the last decade that hasn’t used the Advantage ICF System. For foundations, it is a no brainer because of the added energy efficiency, durability and overall performance.”

All three homes have PlastiSpan HD insulation underneath the basement slab. In addition, to further boost energy efficiency on the demonstration home, Wold added 5 inches of PlastiSpan HD insulation to the interior wall. The insulation had a vertical edge relief to accommodate a recessed nailer.

“Using the Advantage ICF System and the PlastiSpan HD insulation helped us make the house as energy efficient as it needed to be,” he added.


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