CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA: PFB Corporation reports that there was a fire at its Riverbend Timber Framing plant in the late hours of Friday, October 15, 2010. The fire was brought under control by the Blissfield Fire Department with support from three other fire departments. The plant was not operating at the time of the fire and there were no employees or any other people on the site. The cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.

The fire department successfully contained the fire to the timber framing plant where part of the building was badly damaged by the effects of heat and smoke. The property was fully insured and representatives from the company’s insurers are on-site coordinating clean up activities and making the site safe.

It is important to note that the adjacent Insulspan SIPS Plant was unaffected by the fire except for some minor electrical disruptions which were fully restored during the weekend. Accordingly, the Insulspan SIPS plant resumed normal operations this morning at its regularly scheduled start-up time.

Management and staff at the Blissfield manufacturing site have worked tirelessly and relentlessly across the weekend doing whatever tasks necessary to speed up the process of restarting operations.

Contingency arrangements are underway to resume timber framing operations as soon as it is both
practical and safe. Alternative building space located a short distance from the plant has been secured which will allow certain timber framing operations to resume immediately. Critical equipment used for processing timbers was located in the section of building away from the main fire and that equipment is currently being cleaned, inspected and assessed to determine its fitness for use. Early indications are that the equipment is not severely damaged.

Riverbend’s sales personnel are in the process of contacting all customers who have imminent delivery schedules, along with those customers that may be affected in the very near future, so that alternative arrangements can be made. Everything possible is being done to meet customers’ expectations and the company is committed to restoring normal operations as soon as possible.


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